UFS 912 signal problem on some transponders

      UFS 912 signal problem on some transponders

      I have problems with some transponders with my UFS 912.

      I couldn't find Kanal D HD and CNN Turk HD channels (Turksat 4A 12245 H 27500) and i have "no signal" problem on TRT HD, TRT 1 HD channels (Turksat 4A 11054 V 30000)

      There is no problem at other channels on Ufs-912. And there is no problem with this transponders and channels on the other receiver.

      Anyone can help me?
      Hello arifnihat,

      thank you for your request.

      After our test we find out, that the frequency 12245 MHz has get a new footprint.

      So you can´t receive this programs outside of Turky.

      We have tested to receive the programs with a 120cm dish in south of Germany and we also can´t receive the programs at the frequency 12245 MHz.

      Kind Regards,